As your coach I can help you to thrive with ADHD. You’ll get information, support, strategies and tools to make significant and lasting personal change. 

My role is to keep you focused on the goals that you choose.  Regular coaching sessions ensure that you have someone to keep you accountable. You’ll learn how to gradually assume full responsibility for staying on track. 

Coach from anywhere.

I coach clients across North America and the UK. Though I have a special interest in coaching lawyers, entrepreneurs and other professionals with ADHD, I work with adults from all walks of life.

Individual Coaching

Weekly one-on-one coaching by phone, Zoom Skype, FaceTime, or in person (central Toronto only). 

As partners we will work together to help you:

  • Understand what ADHD is (and isn’t) and how it impacts your quality of life

  • Build new ways of thinking that build on your greatest strengths – while being honest about your limitations

  • Set realistic goals and build action plans to stay focused on them

  • Develop and implement specific strategies tailored to how ADHD affects you. Past clients have found it helpful to work on:

    • Organizing your time, limiting distractions, avoiding impulsiveness and reducing procrastination

    • Overcoming clutter and disorganization of documents, files, and other “stuff”

    • Managing outbursts and emotional disregulation

It takes time and effort to make major changes to how you think and work. I recommend an initial coaching commitment of at least three months. 

Small Group Coaching

Coaching with others can have a powerful multiplier effect on your growth and development as a professional with ADHD. 

By coaching in a group you can:

  • Gain the support of others who’ve had similar experiences

  • Share what’s working – and what isn’t

  • Cultivate a network of colleagues who can hold each other accountable after the session is over

Sessions are currently planned for Spring 2019. Contact me for details.

Public Speaking

I can design a presentation, lecture, or workshop tailored specifically to the needs of your organization.

Popular topics:

  • Mythbusting: common misunderstandings about ADHD

  • Getting the best from employees with ADHD

  • ADHD in families: parents and children, non-ADHD spouses

  • Parenting gifted students with ADHD

  • Attention Deficit Trait – how people without ADHD act like they do

  • Mindfulness meditation for people with ADHD

Contact me for details.