Coaching for Students

You know you’re smart. ADHD didn’t stop you from getting solid grades in high school, and you got in to a good university. It seems like it should be easy to get everything done and still have time to enjoy campus life.  

But now you’re overwhelmed: missed deadlines, “boring” assignments left to the last minute, cramming for tests – and at risk of falling dangerously behind. With a wide open schedule and without the daily accountability of parents and teachers – it feels impossible to keep on track. 

A coach can work with you to:

  • Stop feeling overwhelmed and make more time to enjoy the challenges of your program
  • Design and build systems and structure for studying that work for you
  • Plan, organize and stay focused on your work
  • Build confidence in your ability to succeed
  • Feel supported and understood as you take full responsibility for your academic career – and your life

We coach students from the undergraduate to doctoral level, as well as in professional degree programs.