Rubicon Life Coaching is a specialized practice dedicated to serving lawyers, entrepreneurs, and other professionals who don’t want ADHD to stand in their way. We understand the complex and conflicting mix of traits that characterizes the minds of many people with ADHD and other attentional challenges.  We provide the encouragement, support, strategies and tools you need to make significant, satisfying and lasting personal change – professionally and personally.

We can help you.

  • Get organized - in your career, at home, and in life
  • Set priorities and stay focused - on the things that matter to you
  • Stop procrastinating – get things done on time, with less pressure
  • Gain insight into how your impulsiveness, disorganization and forgetfulness may frustrate others and damage your relationships
  • Change your life to make the most of your strengths and minimize your weaknesses

We can help you make use of use your greatest strengths and talents to succeed at what you love.


  • Feel stuck working below your potential in your profession
  • Struggle to get started or maintain momentum on challenging projects
  • Miss deadlines or lose opportunities because of procrastination or being unprepared
  • Live with clutter and disorganization that drives colleagues, family and friends crazy
  • Find yourself overwhelmed by work, school, and life in general
  • Hyperfocus on tasks that you are passionate about – sometimes at the expense of other priorities
  • Believe you’re capable of being far more effective - if only you could stay focused

We can help you make lasting change.

You are:

  • Intuitive, imaginative and creative with an unconventional way of seeing the world 
  • Able to see the big picture when others are focused on minor details
  • At home in highly stimulating and fast-paced environments and willing to take risks - at work and in life
  • Determined and resilient, sometimes even stubborn
  • A lateral thinker with great ideas - who struggles to put them into action
  • Able to focus intensely – on things that interest and excite you. But you lose interest and get distracted when you are not engaged.
  • Excellent at initiating projects, but have difficulty maintaining the momentum needed to finish them

We can help you move forward.