Coaching For Professionals

How can aN ADHD life coach help?

You’ve been coached all your life – by parents, teachers, siblings, mentors... probably even coaches. You already know the difference that a coach can make. We're trained to help time-challenged professionals like you reach personal and career goals faster and more easily than you would on your own. 

With our support you can: 

  • Understand your ADHD and how it impacts your quality of life
  • Set realistic goals and stay focused on them
  • Develop solutions and strategies to make use of your greatest strengths and minimize the impact of your weaknesses
  • Build mindfulness into your life as a way to regulate your ADHD traits
  • Design, implement and adjust action plans to reach your goals
  • Take full responsibility for your continued progress and success

Coaching Isn't Therapy

A therapist may want to work with you to look back - into past experiences to seek answers and resolve problems. This can be very important work as part of your ADHD journey. But coaching is different. As your coach I’ll focus on where you are now, and I’ll work to help you move forward - into action toward the goals you set. 

As your coach I will almost never give advice or recommend a specific course of action.  Instead, through focused listening, careful questioning and practised observation, I’ll offer alternative viewpoints and approaches, and I’ll encourage and support you as you design and implement your own solutions.